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Why is AdCenter so hard to get into?

Ever heard of Shawn Hogan?

Back in 2014, after an intense FBI investigation, he was sentenced to 5 months in jail. And thousands of dollars in fines.

He’d been a top eBay affiliate who used blackhat tactics to scam up a ton of sales. He earned $28 million with his shady ways.

Fraud in this industry is rampant.

It doesn’t help that many networks actually encourage their affiliates to earn dishonestly. Even eBay was in on Hogan’s activity at the start because he was sending them so much traffic. 

And that’s the problem.

As long as affiliate networks tolerate or encourage this stuff, affiliates will keep getting in trouble.

They won’t be able to build a steady, lifelong income. And the perception of affiliate marketing will continue to be a scam industry full of d-bags.

Because once the FBI gets involved, you don’t have much wiggle room if you’re doing anything illegal. 

Imagine that!

On top of it, the public is becoming less and less tolerant of online scammers. And it’s getting easier and easier to catch these guys.

Maybe they’re getting dumber, lazier… more arrogant?

Just look at the Affiliate Fraud Litigation Index, if you need more proof that blackhat affiliates don’t get away with this kind of stuff for long. Economist Ben Edelman researches and documents these cases to try and keep the internet as honest as one man can.

Developers are even creating AI software to detect this stuff better than any human ever could.

And if you’re not following @BallerBusters, you’re missing out on a front row seat to this show. There, you can watch takedowns of these scammers in real time. And get a proper public shaming for their stunts, too.

Huge names, top players in affiliate marketing and other sectors who almost seem invincible. Guys you might not expect! 

It’s scandalous.

So, what’s this got to do with you?

We believe the good guys should earn more than the bad guys.

AdCenter exists in part to keep affiliate marketing honest. To help high-integrity affiliates earn what they really deserve.


Here’s how you can avoid legal trouble and keep your affiliate-marketing-ass out of jail:

Don’t do scammy stuff!

Simple, yet hard to do for some.

It’s like doping in professional cycling. At one time, all the top guys were doing it. So, you pretty much HAD to dope if you wanted to stand a chance.

Those who didn’t were forgotten at the back of the pack. No yellow jerseys, no sponsorship deals.

No glory.

But, just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s right.

Eventually those cyclists are caught for doping. Their titles stripped, sponsors dropped. Cringey press conferences that leave them in disgrace.

And then the Union Cycliste Internationale comes up with new rules to ban these guys. Titles are awarded to the honest athletes who already have a foundation of discipline and hard work. And the sport is cleaner now than it’s been in ages.

You can be proud to be a cyclist again.

And this is why AdCenter has a reputation for being the “super hard to get into” CPA network.

We’re cleaning up affiliate marketing just like the UCI did with cycling.

Changing the perception of what it means to be an affiliate marketer.

Rewarding hard work and integrity.

I mean, look at this! Someone is actually selling a bootleg AdCenter account:


People are desperate to get in because they know the value of being an AdCenter aff.

What’s really going on here is that we’re only hard to get into for two main reasons:

  1. You’re stuck in your blackhat ways.
  2. You’re a newb and aren’t sure what you’re doing.

The first — we can’t help you with that unless you’re ready to change.

All we can give you is tough love and deny you from our network (and its high paying, exclusive offers…) until you clean up your act.

But the second one? No problem. You’re in the right place, so save your $65 on that pre-approved AdCenter account.

We know how to catch those infiltrators, anyway.

Our affs avoid fines, jail time, and ruined reputations because we don’t accept blackhat shenanigans in our network.

What this means is that:

By screening out those problematic affiliates, we keep great relationships with our advertisers. 

And this is ALSO why AdCenter is known for bigger payouts than other networks. Our advertisers know our standards are high. And they compensate well for the high-quality sales our affs bring them.

This is the whole point, we’re making good on our promise:

We believe the good guys deserve to earn more than the bad guys.

And we’ve been making this a reality for over a decade.

All right.

Enough with the soapbox, let’s get down to business.

Here’s exactly why AdCenter is hard to get into… 

Why it helps our affiliates become more successful…

And how you can get the best shot of being approved. 

You’ll thrive if you think long-term.

A blackhat affiliate isn’t thinking long-term. If they were, they wouldn’t be risking their freedom to earn a quick buck. 

When we see an affiliate doing this stuff, we know that they won’t be doing it for long. Not only are they caught eventually…

It’s really stressful to stay a step ahead of the authorities. 

Especially now when it’s so easy to catch on to their newest tactics. They always have to hustle.

That’s why blackhatters burn out way more quickly. They are always stressed that their income will dry up and they won’t be able to afford their lavish lifestyle any more. 

It’s a prison. 

So, we filter these people out. They bring drama with them, they’re erratic, unstable, and they burn out.

This is not a good foundation for their business, let alone ours.

You’re ahead of the game because of our zero-tolerance policy.

We employ a legal team to ensure our affs conduct themselves to our standards.

This means that our affs aren’t wasting time on short-term, blackhat strategies.

Instead, affiliates approved for AdCenter are building a rock-solid foundation for their businesses. This is why many of our top affiliates have been with us for years — some from the very beginning.

They are innovating new, whitehat ways of earning that bring income stability.

Coupled with the high payouts we can provide because our advertisers are so happy…

Our affs can earn a lot. 

Just check out how Mohamed used this to his advantage, earning almost $15k in 19 days with us.

All whitehat.

You get access to cutting-edge technology.

We’re constantly developing new tech that helps our affiliates get ahead of the next big thing.

For example, our proprietary app, available on iOS and Android.

The first of its kind, and the only CPA network to have one (at the time of this writing). The rave reviews are proof that we’re making it easier than ever to earn money as an affiliate marketer. 

This industry won’t evolve if networks don’t take the lead.

So, we screen out certain affiliates because we don’t want this stuff in the wrong hands. It’s for people who will use it to better their lives, not destroy others.

You get insider information not available in other verticals.

We run a super-specialized operation.

You’ve gotta be a certain type of person to take advantage of it.

All of our account managers (who you get 1:1 access to once you’re approved) know exactly how to earn in our niches: CPA offers for streaming, sweeps, nutra. 

And you need to be a good collaborator to make use of their expertise.

Why this matters is because…

There are certain things that we know work with our advertisers’ offers. From particular traffic sources to page layouts and copywriting styles — nobody else has the info or the offers that combine for this particular powerhouse of affiliate marketing know-how.

To get a small taste, see the wisdom our visionary Senior Account Manager Ken B. has to share.

Just imagine what he could tell you specifically about your own site and traffic sources. 

But, we need to make sure you’re a good fit for our team of experts.

Able to adapt, open to new, innovative ideas, and self-directed so you can take our advice and run with it. 

You don’t necessarily need to be a high-earner for approval. But you do need to have ambition.

You can take advantage of our lucrative referral program.

The thing is, if you’re a good person with integrity, chances are your friends are, too. 

So, to encourage you to help them earn as well, we have an exclusive bonus program for any referrals you send our way.

On the flipside…

If we let blackhat people in… chances are they’re gonna refer more blackhat people to us.

This isn’t what we’re looking for.

You get access to high-converting, exclusive offers.

This is the most important reason why we’re considered so hard to get into…

Why people are trying to sell pre-approved AdCenter accounts…

And why our affiliates stay with us for so long.

Because we have maintained these high standards over the years, we are able to broker killer deals with our advertisers.

This means that we can pay out a lot higher percentages to our affiliates. 

What this means for you is that you don’t have to hustle as hard to earn big — you can earn more money for less sales.

This is why we are so picky, these offers belong to those who will promote with integrity.

If we allow blackhat tactics to infect our network, it damages this precious relationship we’ve built with our advertisers.

So, we are very strict with our policies to keep those deals intact.

Now, here’s how you can get the best shot at getting your application accepted with us:

Your AdCenter Account Approval checklist

This is by no means hard and fast. We take every application on its own merits. They’re all individually reviewed and researched. You may even go through an “interview” style process during your application assessment. 

But, if you want the best chance at being approved, here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. A functional website.
  2. Your own domain name.
  3. An audience, whether it be on social media or an email list.
  4. Good reputation in the affiliate marketing industry.
  5. Alignment with our verticals (you are involved in streaming, nutra, sweeps, in some way).
  6. Working knowledge of SEO and basic traffic sources.
  7. Personal integrity, drive, aspiration, and a desire to learn as you grow.

So, there you have it.

Yep, we really are the hard-to-get-into affiliate marketing network.

We’ve taken this stand so we cultivate a better industry for all affiliates.

Just like in cycling, we’re keeping the cheaters away from the glory.

We’ve created a new, honest path for affiliates to earn a real living without the stress… or the jail time.

If this sounds like the road you want to be on, sign up here. 

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