Why & how to promote sweepstakes offers for high conversions

I’m not saying this is a sweepstakes stan blog, but here’s why you should promote sweepstakes and how to do it properly for high CPA conversions.

What are sweepstakes promotions?

At its most basic, sweepstakes (also known as giveaways or surveys) are a form of contest where the winner is drawn at random. To participate in the draw, the participant must enter information, typically their name, email address, you get the idea!

Prizes can range from:

  • physical (eg iPhones or other tech in high-demand) 
  • monetary (eg money or gift cards)
  • experiential (think travel vouchers, all-inclusive trips)

How sweepstakes work in affiliate marketing

An affiliate marketer promoting a sweepstakes CPA offer gets a commission whenever a person signs up to enter the sweepstake. The best part: they’re free to enter so the barrier to entry is low. There are different types of sweepstakes:

Single Opt-In (SOI)

Just like the name implies, single opt-in offers require the participant to opt in to the sweepstakes/giveaway once. Usually a simple email capture. Easy right? Well, because this type of sweep is easy to convert, the payouts are the lowest compared to the other types. That being said, this is the perfect type to start off with if you’re an affiliate marketer dipping your toes into the sweeps vertical for the first time.

Double Opt-In (DOI) 

Where SOI requires an email address, double opt-in requires the email address and a confirmation. This extra barrier to entry means conversions are more difficult to come by, but the payouts are higher than SOI sweepstakes!

CC Submit

Oh, the CC Submit. In this type, participants need to enter their credit card information. As you can imagine, difficult to convert, but definitely the most profitable type of sweepstakes. 

Why promote sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes have the reputation of being a universally high-converting vertical. Low cost of entry coupled with the fact that people love free stuff means HUGE conversion potential. 

Plus, they work on any device, mobile or desktop, in all GEOs, with pretty much all traffic sources.

Which is why sweepstakes are seen as the beginner-friendly vertical. It’s the vertical that keeps giving!

How to promote sweepstakes CPA offers

So you’ve read about how sweepstakes work in affiliate marketing and you’re interested in how to promote them. 


  1. Your first step in promoting sweeps: find yourself a CPA network that matches your needs. 
  • Brand new to affiliate marketing? Find a network that has a low minimum payout requirement and resources like the AdCenter Academy to help you learn and scale.
  • Experienced affiliate marketer? Well, you already know which networks fit your needs and you’re already working with them. You’re ahead of the game. 
  1. Once your account is set up, browse the network’s sweeps offers and find one that will resonate with your audience. Specifically, look for one that your audience will actually want. If you know your audience is 18-45 year old men with an interest in bodybuilding, don’t choose an offer targeting new moms using a stroller giveaway.
  1. So you’ve got your account and an offer you want to promote. Next, it’s important to make sure you use the right visuals and design. Going back to our example audience above, you’ll want to stay away from themes and designs that are too feminine. It won’t resonate! 
  1. Then it’s time to select the right geo to target. Let’s say you have a nutra sweeps offer…but the product isn’t cleared for sale in certain countries. You don’t want to spend precious resources (i.e. money) promoting in those geos. Instead, focus on the ones that are compatible. 

5. Ok, you’re pretty much set. At this point, you want to launch your campaigns. It’s always best to launch a few, with varying parameters so you can A/B test. Give your campaigns enough time to run, track those bad boys, and optimize when and where you can. 

Promoting sweepstakes: tips and tricks

Ready to take the leap into promoting sweepstakes CPA offers? We’ve already compiled a bunch of quick tips over on our Instagram account, but here are some of our faves to help you get a high-converting landing page for your sweepstakes offers:

  • If you’re making a prelander, make sure it matches the landing/offer page. You want the journey to be as cohesive as possible, so every step of the funnel needs to mesh well. Everything from design to colour palette to CTA copy…it all needs to match to maximize conversions! 
  • Another bonus to having your prelander match the offer…it helps filter out nonconverting clicks! It’s a mistake we see beginner publishers making all the time: focusing only on traffic sent, when in reality what matters is the conversion rate. 
  • Optimize the loading speed of your landers – we all know what happens when you have slow page loading speed… (people literally bounce).
  • In terms of creatives, the simpler the better. You don’t want your audience to be overwhelmed and lose sight of the goal.
  • Use psychology to increase conversions. Things like creating a sense of urgency or appealing to people’s need for validation and confirmation bias. Social proof and reviews are perfect to give people who are wavering on the fence that extra nudge.
  • Keep seasonal trends in mind. If it’s Christmas, use a Christmas-themed lander. At AdCenter, we’re always sending out seasonal landers to our publishers to help them stay current and take advantage of trends. For example, we recently released a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year themed-landers.
  • Another reason trends are important: prizes with plenty of hype surrounding them (eg. a recently released iPhone, or AirPod Pros) are more likely to generate conversions since the prize is in such high demand.
  • If this is your first time promoting a sweepstakes CPA offer, I recommend testing your campaign on inexpensive geos, typically tier 2 and 3. Your Account Manager will be able to provide you with a list!
  • Never promise something you can’t deliver – this is a surefire way to lose your audience’s trust.

Sweepstakes promotion examples

Here are examples of sweeps landing pages we made some time ago. 

You’ll see that they both include:

  1. An enlarged image of the prize
  2. A sense of urgency
  3. WIIFM (what’s in it for me?)
  4. Email capture
Example of an Amazon gift card sweepstakes promotion, showing the different elements of a successful landing page. We don't use this specific one at AdCenter CPA affiliate marketing network.
Example of an Apple iPhone 12 Pro sweepstakes promotion, showing the different elements of a successful landing page. We don't use this specific one at AdCenter CPA affiliate marketing network.

AdCenter affiliates benefit by receiving frequently updated landers. Not only that, we test them extensively to make sure they’re high-converting too!

Ease of setup, low barrier for entry, and flexibility make sweepstakes the ideal vertical for beginner affiliate marketers. Keep the sweepstakes tips and tricks top of mind when you’re setting up your campaigns and watch your traffic turn into conversions.

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