What is AdCenter, and how does it work?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to find better ways to earn, or you’re hitting the industry fresh, trying to understand how affiliate marketing works. Whatever your level of experience, it’s not a surprise that you’ve heard of AdCenter. Since 2010, AdCenter has been a leading player in the affiliate marketing industry, helping thousands of people to live their dreams of working from home, topping up their income or growing that side hustle into a real living.

But because there are other brands using variations of the name AdCenter, it can be a little confusing to understand exactly what AdCenter is and what it isn’t. That’s why we put together this comprehensive article, so that you can understand how AdCenter works and decide for yourself if it’s something you’d like to give a try.

What is AdCenter?

AdCenter is a CPA network that provides affiliate marketers with the tools, expertise and training they need to make long-term, sustainable income. AdCenter works with advertisers to make exclusive product offers available for promotion, and affiliate marketers use these offers to monetize their website traffic.

The AdCenter website

Okay, but what exactly is a CPA network?

Affiliate networks connect affiliate marketers with offers that they can promote on behalf of advertisers. So, as an affiliate, when a network like AdCenter approves your application, they give you a selection of products to choose from that you can advertise on your website. That’s what we meant by ‘tools’ in our description above.

The products that you choose to promote will, of course, depend on the type of website or traffic source that you have. So, for example, if you run a sports website, you’ll likely want to promote one of AdCenter’s sports products, because those will be the most interesting for your audience.

But the concept is the same for each of a network’s products: when a consumer takes some desired action (which depends on the model of the network), you get paid. AdCenter is a CPA network; CPA stands for cost per action. So, with AdCenter, you get paid when a user takes action in response to an advertisement. In AdCenter’s case, this usually means that the user signs up for a free trial or makes a purchase.

AdCenter’s model differs from other affiliate networks, which run on a CPI, CPL or CPM basis. In those cases, affiliate marketers get paid for generating leads or, in some cases, simply for getting consumers to see an advertisement.

AdCenter helps affiliate marketers to achieve their dream lifestyle, as depicted in its branding video

Why should I choose a CPA network? If I’m only getting paid when the user takes action, does that not make my job harder?

While on the surface, it might seem far easier to make money by just putting advertisements in front of people rather than actually convincing the user to make a purchase. But the key to the effectiveness of a CPA network like AdCenter is in the ability to scale.

Remember that your average commission for generating a sale is going to be much, much higher than what you’d get for simply getting an ad viewed. And once you’ve managed to figure out the best customers for an offer, you’ll be able to send potentially thousands of customers per day to an advertiser’s product. That’s why you keep hearing about people making millions of dollars online with affiliate marketing – these are the people who have really cracked the CPA model on a network like AdCenter.

Finding the right strategy sometimes takes time, but the most successful affiliate marketers were willing to persevere and ultimately achieved the results that their hard work deserved. It’s true that you might lose a small amount of money testing different strategies, but once you’ve figured out a strategy that works you can really scale your venture exponentially.

What isn’t AdCenter?

AdCenter is not affiliated with Microsoft or Facebook.

Many years ago, Microsoft had a self-serving advertising platform called adCenter (note the camel case!), but this has been renamed and rebranded several times over the years.

Facebook’s business pages also have an optional tab named ‘Ad Center’, which quickly gives business owners a snapshot of how their ads are performing. But again, this is nothing to do with the AdCenter CPA network.

How do I get started with AdCenter?

To give AdCenter a try, you can apply instantly at ad-center.com.

Example of AdCenter’s offers

You’ll be asked some questions about the type of affiliate marketing that you do, and any websites that you currently own, then your account will be referred for approval.

AdCenter is newbie-friendly; what we’re looking for in the approval process is simply that you have a website or a source of traffic that’s relevant to AdCenter’s products. Because AdCenter has a range of offers to choose from, including video-on-demand subscriptions, sweepstakes and nutra products, there’s a good chance that the network can accommodate you.

Once your account has been approved, its really over to you to show what you’re made of as an aspiring business mogul. When you’re ready, you can pick a product and start your first campaign. Then you can use the AdCenter dashboard to check your stats and ensure that your campaign is as optimized as it can be for maximum earnings.

An example of an AdCenter product offer landing page

What if I need some help with my campaigns?

It might take a bit of time for you to figure out what works best promoting for AdCenter, but what sets AdCenter apart from other networks is its commitment to training, mentorship and customer support.

A good starting point as a new affiliate marketer would be to visit the AdCenter Academy to get a fundamental grasp of concepts like SEO (search engine optimization), keyword planning and content creation. These courses, which you can take for free even if you’re not an AdCenter affiliate, cover all of the essential building blocks of creating a successful website and monetizing it the most effectively.

AdCenter Academy shares tips with affiliates to help them generate more income

Once you’ve launched your first campaign, you might find that it’s not performing as well as you hoped – this is entirely normal. But in order to provide affiliates with the best possible opportunities for growth, AdCenter assigns you a personal marketing mentor who can guide you to success. Your mentor, or account manager, is an expert in the industry with vital advice that can make the difference between making one sale per day and 30.

Between AdCenter’s academy, knowledge base and your personal mentor, you’ll have the best possible chance of success as an affiliate.

How soon can I expect to be successful with AdCenter?

As frustrating as it may be to receive this answer, it really depends.

It firstly depends on your idea of success – are you looking to make an extra $500/month, or do you want this to be your primary source of income?

AdCenter App

As with most personal and professional ventures, the more time and energy you’re willing to invest, the greater benefits you’re likely to see. Working with AdCenter is no different. Some AdCenter affiliates are earning upwards of $20,000 per month – but they didn’t reach this level overnight. If you’re willing to invest the time into AdCenter and collaborate with the experts it has on board, you’re almost guaranteed to make good money in time.

The other factor on which your success depends is your existing experience as an affiliate marketer. Naturally, more experienced affiliates who have run similar campaigns with different products or networks will have a greater propensity to hit the ground running and ramp up their earnings more quickly. In fact, some affiliates who have been running similar campaigns elsewhere can actually achieve success very quickly by simply switching their promotions to AdCenter products.

What sets AdCenter apart from other CPA networks?

AdCenter’s reputation for trust and stability has been diligently earned over the past 10 years in business.

Simply put, the affiliate marketing industry is notoriously volatile, and it’s very rare for a CPA network to stay in business for so long. AdCenter’s focus on consistent, long-term income has helped the network to stay at the forefront of the performance marketing industry for so long.

Many other networks end up as a mere flash-in-the-plan, opting to appeal to more impatient people looking to ‘get rich quick’ and ultimately going under at short notice. But AdCenter has attained a high level of trust due to its ability to deliver consistent income for affiliates over many years, and its commitment to paying affiliates on time.

AdCenter’s personal touch, and its focus on training and mentorship, also make it stand out over other networks. Affiliates simply enjoy working with AdCenter, probably because they trust that they’re going to be looked after in the long run.

Another distinctive feature of AdCenter is that its offers are completely exclusive. That means you need to be an AdCenter affiliate in order to promote them. This is different to most other CPA networks, which contain product offers that can also be found on other networks. And because AdCenter’s offers have been proven high-performance over so many years, many affiliates feel they simply have to work with AdCenter in order to get access to those offers.

How visible is AdCenter in the affiliate marketing community?

AdCenter plays a key role in inspiring affiliate marketers to be as successful as possible, and has generated its own community of partners after more than 10 years in business.

The CPA network is a regular visitor to the Affiliate World Conferences, which take place in Barcelona and Bangkok every year, and was a primary sponsor at the Asia event in 2019.

AdCenter at the 2019 Affiliate World Asia conference in Bangkok

AdCenter is also very active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, where it inspires affiliate marketers by sharing important knowledge, industry tips and promoting hacks.

For more information on AdCenter, visit ad-center.com.

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