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Secret Ways to Earn More With VOD Affiliate Offers

Updated: March 22, 2021

Here’s exactly how you can earn more with VOD affiliate offers — even if you’re a brand new marketer.

The thing is, streaming has a big advantage over other verticals:

A lot of niches are boom or bust. 

Think of all the crypto guys out there who made a ton of sales initially… and now can’t make ends meet because demand dried up.

Over the years, we’ve learned that one of the most reliable verticals you can be in is VOD and streaming offers.

That’s why we specialize in them — we’re helping AdCenter affs build a lifelong business. 

No matter what happens, even a pandemic, people will always want to watch movies and TV.

Hollywood keeps pumping out content, which means affiliates can keep earning from it.

And even if there comes a time when new movies are slowing down (like what’s happening now with COVID) there is still a demand for entertainment.

So, here are a few little-known ways VOD and streaming affs can earn more money with our streaming offers.

Capitalize on current events

If a particular celebrity passes away, a topical world event happens, there’s a new trending topic…

You can get in on this with your own well-timed and well-crafted campaigns.

Take for example the film Contagion. After COVID hit, all of a sudden people were searching this film out like crazy. It’s directly topical to current events, it’s on peoples’ minds.

Yeah, a movie released back in 2011 is seeing a resurgence. 

This happens more often than you’d think. 

Like if a certain celebrity dies (or is embroiled in some scandal…) we see a spike in demand for their films.

Stay plugged in to current events. This way, you can always find an angle to promote VOD affiliate offers for an older show or movie in a new way. 

Other verticals rely on new products constantly to stay relevant. Those who are in the streaming niche aren’t subject to this same weakness.

Combine with AdCenter VPN offers

We also have access to an exclusive VPN offer. 

What we’ve seen is that VOD offers can pair quite well with our VPN. Think about it — if someone is looking for a streaming site, they’re probably interested in internet security, too.

So, you can sell them on a streaming offer, and then remarket the VPN to them later. It’s a great way to make two sales at once. 

The cool thing is that we have science to back this offer up.

Renowned consumer research company Nielsen surveyed almost 30,000 people across the globe about their buying habits.

They found that 60% of people would rather buy new products from a familiar brand than switching to a new one.

We’ve set our VOD affiliate streaming offers up to play into this — which can be hard to do in other verticals.

Ask your account manager if you want to set this up.

Niche down even more

Here’s an example:

If you’re doing VOD, maybe you can specialize in horror movies. Horror folks have an almost “rabid” obsession with the genre. 

So, you can provide content, rankings, interviews, etc. to your audience teasing a certain movie. 

Then, provide the link to the offer. 

At the same time, get familiar with other “influencers” in other movie genres– and refer them to promote our offers, too. You won’t be in direct competition with each other. And you’ll earn a lifetime 10% bonus for referring them to us.

What happens is that you get access to, or “borrow” that person’s audience and authority. 

Going with the horror example, let’s say you reach out to a movie reviewer who focuses mainly on comedies. 

You can do a crossover where you take a satirical horror movie (like Scream) and provide content for their more comedy-centric audience.

At the same time, that person can cross promote and do the same thing with your audience if they like.

It’s a cool way to reach tons more engaged people without having to build up a whole other audience on your own.

Join Facebook groups that are related to your VOD affiliate offers

Facebook groups are an absolute goldmine. We’re such huge believers in the power of FB groups to build community and connection that we created a bunch of our own to help AdCenter affs network and learn from one another.

Here’s what you do.

Join groups dedicated to a certain uber-niche… like Bollywood films, a Ryan Reynolds fan group, 1980s action films…

There are niche groups for everything.

A lot of these movies can be hard to find. So, if you are active in those groups, offering value, being helpful and getting attention…

You can build relationships with people there and DM them links to these movies they can’t find.

Never come across as spammy or desperate. The point here is to be truly helpful in the group and start building relationships with your audience.

This actually has a secret benefit…

Not only will it help you make more sales, it doubles as extremely high-quality market research.

Pay attention to the language people use. Problems they talk about in the group, their desires, or certain aspects of the films that interest them.

If you inject your sales copy with some of these insights, you will build a highly-engaged audience that trusts you and loves buying from you.

Think outside the box with your content marketing

You’re not stuck to the same old content that other affs in boring niches are. 

Streaming and VOD allows you to get really creative with your content marketing streams. This keeps your work fresh for you and makes it so you’re less likely to burn out.

It also helps you become more interesting to your audience. And this directly feeds into how many sales you’ll make.

So, here are a few ideas for content you can create that will help you launch up in SEO, get more traffic, and close more sales:

  1. Create a Film Buff’s course where you do a deep dive into the creation of a certain movie. Teach them all about the story’s creation, the director’s choices, the actors playing the roles, the filming location, music, everything. Movie nerds LOVE this stuff. There’s a reason why you can study film at university — it has a rich history that people love to learn about.
  2. Do niched rankings, like “The Top 10 Movies that Bombed at the Box Office — But Became Cult Classics.” People LOVE these lists. It taps into the psychological aspect of “aspirational identity”. People want to see if “their” movie is on the list. People often use the cult classic movies they like as a way of showinng part of their personal identities. They’ll read these lists to see if their movie is on there because they want to be validated.
  3. Publish industry-expert interviews. The beauty here is you don’t actually have to be well-connected to get them. Quora is FULL of industry experts who know cool little tidbits about movies and TV. What you do is read some of their answers. Then, while giving them full credit, compile quotes from them into an interview-style article. Like this: John Smith, key grip on The Matrix, shares that “Keanu Reeves is actually the most amazing person in real life.”

And so on.

What’s so great about the VOD and streaming vertical is that there’s absolutely no end to how you can promote. You will always have “new” products, no matter what. 

You won’t burn out because your work always stays fresh.

And building up an audience is a lot easier because you can tap into already-sold fandoms. A lot of the work is already done for you.

Meanwhile, the fun doesn’t stop here. Active AdCenter affiliates get exclusive access to our TV and Movie streaming groups. There, affiliates share ideas, strategies and stories about what’s working for them right now. We’re a bit of a tricky CPA network to get into, but once you do, you’re in for a treat.

So, if you want access to this secret advice, apply to be an AdCenter aff here.

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