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How to Write Affiliate Marketing Copy Even if Your First Language Isn’t English

Learn why being a great writer can actually cost you sales when it comes to affiliate marketing copy.

Let’s cut to the chase…

I’ve been a copywriter for well over a decade. These are tried and tested tips, some of my best stuff for beginners. 

And even one advanced trick, too. 

I used these tips to get a conversion rate of 27% on a lander for AdCenter’s latest Facebook campaign.

high conversion rate on an opt-in landing page

The highest average conversion rate for a landing page in any industry is 6.1%. So, I’m not kidding when I say these are powerful tips.

This one article alone could change everything for you, if you’re wise enough to make the most of it.

You’ll learn…

  • Why being a bad writer can actually create the highest-converting offers you’ve ever written. 
  • A reason why leads quickly click away from your copy and make your bounce rates so high — and how using this single word will make a huge difference.
  • The trick many seasoned copywriters don’t even know and how you can use it to convert leads with ease. 

Let’s go.

How “bad” writers write phenomenal, high-converting campaigns

Here’s a secret only pro copywriters know… 

They don’t actually write good copy.

To be honest, there’s usually very little actual writing going on in a successful ad, sales page, email campaign, landing page… you name it.

No matter how long it is.

So, if copywriters aren’t actually writing, what’s going on?

It’s an industry secret called “voice of customer data.” 

In a nutshell, you’re using your ideal customer’s words as your copy. For headlines, calls to action, bullet points, everything.

Check this out. 

One of our affiliates, Samy, is our ideal customer. He’s a hard working, smart, dedicated person who doesn’t rely on shady tactics to make money. We want more people just like him to become AdCenter affiliates. 

So, I called him up and asked him all kinds of questions about his time working with us, what he learned, how it helped him, what goals he was able to reach. Here are some parts of what he said during the interview:

“I had a business when I was 17 years old, I had a franchise and it was in real life. I hated it, I really hated it. And I felt… like okay, maybe I’m not so much an entrepreneur.” 

“I’ve seen a few networks that don’t even have a manager. So, how are you supposed to know if what you’re doing is right or not for the advertisers? This is where the whole project started with AdCenter.”

“And, like I said, it changed my whole life up because I was getting married and I was getting paid. So, I was getting married, I was on AdCenter, I was watching my stack getting bigger.”

I analyzed the copy and pulled out certain phrases that really hit an emotional nerve. The idea is to pick phrases that will make people think, “You’re in my head! That’s exactly how I feel!”

The decision to buy is based on emotion. Using the exact emotions your ideal client talks about is a psychologically-driven way to get conversions without relying on amazing writing skills.

In fact, all you need to do is organize the quotations.

We turned those snippets into the FB ad that lead to our record-breaking 27% conversion rate. Here’s a bit of it. The actual ad is way longer, but this illustrates the point:
affiliate marketing facebook ad copy

Can you spot the quotations?

You can see our hooks are directly lifted from Samy’s interview. I’ve mirrored his exact thoughts to the audience and got right to the heart of their desires.

That is the key to sales.

And it’s how “bad” writers can still write profitable, knockout ads.

I recommend calling a customer to get the best information. If you can’t, here’s a bonus tip…

Go review mining on Amazon. 

Here are the steps for someone who’s in the sports niche looking to promote an upcoming basketball game.

  1. Search books in Amazon for basketball.
  2. Click on a popular book that has lots of reviews.
  3. Filter out all the 5- and 1-star reviews — the best quotes are in the 2-, 3-, and 4-star reviews.
  4. Look for exact phrases people have written in their reviews and keep a document full of them.
  5. The next time you need to write some copy, lift exact phrases from your research.

Here’s a quick example I found:
amazon review for affiliate marketing research

And here are a few things you could write using it:

Landing page headline
The #1 Full HD streaming source for big hoops fans.

Email subject line
Big hoops fans — get the game in FULL HD

Call to action
Join the biggest hoops fans and stream now.

Don’t worry if your conversion rate isn’t skyrocketing immediately after using this tip. We’ve been in this business a long time. As result, we know it takes a little while to figure out the psychology of your audience. Beause of this, we wrote an article specifically designed to make you invincible to burnout while you’re becoming an expert in your niche.

The most profitable word you’ll ever write and why not using it makes your bounce rate higher

Which of these two landing pages is more compelling?

example of a poorly written affiliate marketing landing page

example of a well written affiliate marketing landing page

If you said 2, you’re right. 

We’ve run similar experiments in the past. Every lander that uses the trick in the second one always blows ones like the first away.

What’s the difference? See if you can find it.

Hint: It’s a single word. The most profitable word you’ll ever use in copywriting.


The thing about writing affiliate marketing copy is that it’s very psychological. People love to talk about themselves, they love to hear about themselves. 

The worst thing a company can do is drone on all about itself in its copy. How great they are, how trusted, how amazing their features or service is.


Leads will click away immediately because they’re not interested in reading about how great you are.

Wake your audience up by talking about THEM and exactly what your offer will do for them. With each piece of copy you write, just think of the simple word YOU.

Examples for the same dude with the basketball game streaming offer:

Our feed is reliable. -> You’ll get a reliable feed.
We have high quality HD streaming. -> You’ll get a clear view.
Our service is cheaper than others. -> You won’t break the bank.

You feel me? 

It’ll change everything. 

How you can convert leads easily with this little-used copywriting trick that even pros don’t know

This is the most advanced tip I’m sharing today. 

And it builds on the “you” tip above.


The basic rule all copywriters who are worth their salt know is:

You always sell BENEFITS, not features.

For example, let’s use the basketball streamer’s affiliate marketing copy from above. He’s talking all about the features of his streaming service. 

Our feed is reliable. 
We have high-quality HD streaming.
Our service is cheaper than others. 

It’d be very wise to sell on the benefits of those features. In other words, what will each of those points DO for the customer? How will that person be better off by using this guy’s service?

Our feed is reliable. -> You won’t miss a moment of the action.
We have high quality HD streaming. -> You’ll see the ball as good as the referees.
Our service is cheaper than others. -> Save your money for beer and snacks to eat while watching instead.

And this is definitely an improvement. These are all solid, benefit-driven selling points to use in your affiliate marketing copy.

Most copywriters would stop there.


The next step that can create a fire inside your prospect, where they’ll stop at nothing to get your offer, is to sell them the RESULTS.

What will the prospect get from experiencing those benefits?

Our feed is reliable. -> You won’t miss a moment of the action. -> You’ll actually enjoy the game instead of struggling trying to find a good feed.

We have high quality HD streaming. -> You’ll see the ball as good as the referees. -> You’ll sound like a seasoned commentator at the office tomorrow.

Our service is cheaper than others. -> Save your money for beer and snacks to eat while watching instead. -> You’ll save money so you can throw a legendary game night party.

A simple tip, but it makes the impact your offer has a very real thing for your prospect. And that gives them a logical reason to take you up on your offer. 

The desire to purchase is an emotional journey, but typing in your credit card info is definitely a logical one.

This technique helps bridge the gap between emotion and logic for your prospect.

You’ll open their hearts and their wallets. 

You’ll show them exactly why your offer is the best choice for them, how you’ll make their life easier — even with a simple thing like streaming a basketball game. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years of copywriting, it’s that people stick with brands and businesses who they trust. 

Even if a better offer comes along, they will stay loyal to you because they feel like you get them. And that is super powerful. I’ve seen it time and time again.

All with a simple twist on a time-tested technique.

Results are better than benefits, and benefits are better than features.

Remember that and you’ll write consistently irresistible copy.

The secret to these tips is that they work in any language.

If there’s one thing I can drive home to you, it’s that writing good affiliate marketing copy is more about research and psychology than being able to turn a phrase. In fact, “clever” or “well-written” copy almost always converts worse than simple, clear, and direct writing. 

A lot of copywriters forget that and try to write too well, forgetting the basic principles of what makes people buy:

The desire to solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific desire.

They don’t buy because your headline makes them say, “How well written, what a clever sentence!” They buy because they believe you, and only you, can satisfy them.

And you make them feel that way by doing research that helps you understand them inside out. Research that helps you speak to them in a way that makes them feel like you truly understand them — because you do.

Now it’s your turn.

Test out your new affiliate marketing copy skills in real life. Apply to be an AdCenter affiliate and get even more exclusive tips to create a hungry audience only you can satisfy.

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