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How to Promote CPA Offers

Updated: February 26, 2021

Promoting CPA offers ain’t the same as promoting CPC, CPL, CPM, or any other kind of affiliate network marketing products.

This is because getting a “sale” as a CPA marketer can be harder. 

It’s not a simple click that gets you paid. 

It’s your lead actually performing a specific action.

The thing is, CPA marketers stand to make a lot more money than affiliates using other models.

That’s because CPA marketers are a cut above the rest. They have to be more resourceful than the average affiliate. Any old aff can buy some traffic and send it to a landing page. That might get them some low-paying sales. 

But, for the big bucks, you gotta think bigger. And try a bit harder.

Don’t worry, here’s how you can promote CPA offers with ease using the AdCenter platform.

1. Understand your audience

This one is huge.

The affiliates who take the time to do great market research are the ones who attain the most success. 

The problem is that the average affiliate only thinks of their audience as “traffic”. Why this gets them into difficult territory is because… traffic is faceless.

You aren’t thinking about the actual people visiting your site.

CPA marketing relies heavily on your visitors trusting you.

You can have CPA offers that convert, but to get that conversion, you need to ask a lot more of your visitors than with other affiliate marketing models.

So, if you’re not thinking about the people on the other end of your advertising, your campaigns won’t matter to them.

They won’t engage with your ads. Or even get into the top of your funnel.

And you won’t make many sales.

Doing effective market research cuts through a lot of these problems. Fair warning, this step can seem tedious and unnecessary.

I promise you, it’s not.

Why research matters so much is that it will help you determine what your audience’s problems and desires are.

If you craft your campaigns to either solve those problems or fulfill those desires… you will have a great shot at getting more conversions.

That’s because your visitors will feel like you truly understand them. This, in turn, increases the trust they have in you. And it makes them exponentially more likely to convert — trust is everything when marketing CPA offers.

Remember, you must position offers as something useful or desirable for your audience. 

Every top earning campaign we’ve seen takes advantage of this.

You’ll come out a winner if you make use of market research because so many other affiliates really skimp here. And it shows in their poor conversion rates.

Create a high-quality site.

If your site is full of broken links, bad information, or is never updated… Google won’t like that. You will truly struggle to get organic traffic — and successful CPA campaigns thrive on SEO. 

That’s because, again, you make a sale by getting your audience to completely go through your funnel. And they’ll only do that if they trust you.

We have a TON of information on exactly how to do this in the AdCenter Academy.

There, you can find out…

  • How to structure your site for good user flow
  • The bits of code Google needs to rank you well
  • How to write top-quality content that increases your influence and site authority
  • Why backlinks can “make or break” your campaigns

And a lot more…

We also have a new Quality Score Crash Course beta-launching soon. It will show you exactly what elements your site needs so it’s trusted and respected by both visitors and Google, too.

You’ll have pretty much everything you need to create a killer site that’s basically a conversion machine.

Stay up-to-date

A really common mistake we see is that we’ll update some of our CPA offers…

But affiliates won’t update their sales pages. 

So, a visitor will click through the funnel expecting one thing…

And end up getting something completely different.

It’s heartbreaking because the aff did a great job getting the visitor through the funnel, only to lose the sale at the very end.

And it’s all totally avoidable.

So, check with your account manager to make sure your campaigns are still relevant. And join our exclusive Facebook groups where we announce new products and schedules to keep you on track.


You can also benefit from staying up to date on industry news, too. If you follow current events, you can hop on trending topics to optimize your campaigns. CPA offers need to be thoughtfully curated so they have an impact

Being timely with your campaigns can prove to be quite lucrative once you get the hang of it.

Let’s say you’re anticipating a big UFC fight in a week or two. You’re planning to promote one of our exclusive streaming offers so your audience can view it.

If you know about the fight in advance, you can start creating content around it in preparation. Getting involved in forum discussions, publishing videos and blog posts will increase your authority and relevance in the UFC niche.

By the time the fight rolls around and you’re ready to make some sales…

You’ll already have started growing a trusting audience who you can market the offer to.

Like I keep saying, the CPA model relies heavily on earning your visitors’ trust. And becoming an authority on trending topics is a great way to earn it.

So, there you have it.

Promoting CPA offers is a bit more challenging in some ways than the other affiliate marketing models. But, that’s why you have a higher earning potential. It’s a trade off, and if you’re a smart affiliate, you’ll make out well promoting AdCenter offers to your solid audience of loyal customers.

For more tips on how to market AdCenter’s CPA offers, head on over to the AdCenter Academy. You can get exclusive access to the specific info CPA marketers need to convert reliably and earn more.

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