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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The real secret to making money with affiliate marketing is something almost all affs — especially beginners — overlook.

Are you making the same mistake?

They focus on finding offers with high commissions, ways to game the system, lurking around in forums for any little tidbit they can use to promote.

All of those things have their uses. In fact, I’d say they’re essential.

But.. those affiliates have really jumped the gun.

What I mean is that focusing on those puts a cap on their potential earnings because it’s distracting them from the most crucial decision they can make:

Choosing the right network.

Think about it… CPC? CPL? CPA? Which vertical? How long has this network been in business? Will they steal my earnings? Who are the people behind it? How much support do I get? Are their offers exclusive?

Well, don’t worry my friend. If you’re a beginner, you can make this a lot simpler for yourself.

Here’s why AdCenter is the perfect CPA network for beginner affiliates — and why working with us will give you an industry advantage.

Affiliates who want long-term, reliable success are the most profitable ones on our network.

What this means is, if you want to create a long-term, scalable business, we’re the network for you.

Our offers are designed and optimized for affiliates who want to build a true business without the stressful, sneaky, short-term tactics that can get them banned — or worse. We’ve seen some high-earning affs, who on the surface are “killing it,” end up in jail for the dumb stuff they try to pull on other networks. Or pay huge fines for their dubious activities.

(Read more about exactly how AdCenter works and how it can help you get your affiliate marketing business off the ground.)

Affiliates who work with us are a different breed.

Smarter. Visionary. Dedicated.

Some of our top earners have been working with us for 6+ years.

This means, due to our affiliates’ skill and dedication, we’ve been able to create strong relationships with our advertisers. As result, we can pay out some of the highest commissions we’ve seen in our verticals. We’ve built a trusted reputation for having great affiliates who bring high-quality sales and we reward our affs handsomely for this.

Remember the power you have as an affiliate — when you’re a good one, we will support you so you can keep earning and building your own business long-term.

We’ve been doing this for the past 10 years, so we know it works. Other CPA networks have come and gone while our affs are still growing and profiting.

Speaking of that…

Affs who use our offers are poised to hit massive growth and start making more money with affiliate marketing.

Recently, we were a title sponsor at one of the largest affiliate marketing conferences in the world, Affiliate World Asia.

As our account manager Ivan P. (who has his own brotherhood of top-tier affs) says in the video above:

“We’re really focusing on expanding our portfolio of products, getting those exclusive networks and becoming the best in those verticals.

Right now, as you know, we are the best in VOD and sweeps, so we really wanna expand our portfolio and help our affiliates expand their portfolio as well, and branch out to different things.

We’re acquiring new verticals — nutra, VPN, cybersecurity. Because we basically established the VOD offers niche ourselves, we know our affs will get great success in these verticals, too.

We’ve developed them specifically to help our affiliates cut through the noise and make money with affiliate marketing reliably. We do this with:

  • Early adoption: We’re breaking into areas of these new verticals before they’re hitting the mainstream. This means our affs have less competition and can really stand out.
  • Not wasting time: Our offers are already optimized so our affiliates can implement and earn sooner.
  • Tested offers that convert reliably: These offers have been converting at higher rates than we’ve seen before, so getting these exclusive offers into the right hands is crucial.

Remember, you don’t have to be a complete expert to profit with us. In fact, it’s almost better if you’re not. We’ve found that beginner affs are much more open to experimentation than the people who have been around a while. They actually have an advantage — agility and the ability to pivot quickly.

This means they can take our new offers and deploy them faster so they can optimize without wasting time. We’re seeing early results of this, so as we expand these verticals, our affs will grow right along with them.

This leads us to why a beginner AdCenter affiliate can earn like gangbusters compared to affs at other networks…

Beginner affiliate marketers can cut through the confusion and BS to get a step-by-step plan for making money with affiliate marketing.

We’ve set ourselves apart from other networks by offering beginners a way to start.

A lot of networks go after the big earners and cater all their resources to them. It’s great that they’re supporting the people they feel called to support.

However, that approach leaves the beginners out in the cold with no reliable path to success.

That’s where we step in to guide these affiliates to their full potential.

Our network has survived so long, and been so successful, in big part because of the overlooked talent many of these beginners possess. Our mission remains to give every aspirational affiliate the chance to get the life they want.

Notice we didn’t say every successful aff, rich aff, or popular aff. We believe every affiliate who wants to do better for themselves deserves the chance to make it happen.

That’s why we’ve developed the AdCenter Academy, a free resource where beginners can go to learn the right way to profit with our specific offers.

Our Academy gives affiliates over 300 years of our team’s shared experience in the affiliate marketing industry. We calculated it!

slack message saying killing it since 1720 in reference to adcenter's combined knowledge in performance and affiliate marketing
Here’s what our Brand Manager had to say when we realized just how much experience our affs can tap into when they work with us!

Some of our advice will only apply to our specific platform and offers, but that’s what makes it so valuable.

You can’t get it anywhere else, and, with our info, you can’t get the same earning potential anywhere else, either.

Besides, once you’re ready, we give you one last thing that all but ensures your success as an affiliate marketer…

Qualified affiliates get 1:1 expert coaching as they promote our offers.

Take it from one of our top affiliates, Mohamed C.:

How to make money with affiliate marketing case study focused on push traffic

Mohamed’s case study will teach you…
    How to completely avoid dealing with native ad compliance issues again.
  The one tweak that made his earnings skyrocket in a matter of days.
   How to push through a plateau and grow a productive team.

“Now I actually have time to scale my business instead of just keeping it alive. AdCenter got us 10x sales… from 10 a day to over 200. That means almost $15k in the first 19 days.”

You can get his full story here, in our free case study: How Mohamed C. Mae Almost $15k in 19 Days With AdCenter.

This shows you what’s possible if you follow our methods. His award-winning account manager, Jeff T., was able to audit his site and see exactly what Mohamed needed to optimize in so he could make money with affiliate marketing.

So, there you have it. The first step to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is choosing the right network. After that, these are your marching orders:

  1. Choose earning methods that play the long game instead of get-rich-quick tactics that fizzle out quickly — and cause stress, overwhelm, instability, and even jail time. As result, you’ll have a stable business that builds and builds over time without anxiety or fear of it all disappearing one day.
  2. Be strategic in the vertical you work in. Picking one that’s on the verge of exploding is how you establish yourself as a leader and get ahead before the competition shows up. A good CPA network like AdCenter has the intel, insight, and expertise you need to choose the right offers.
  3. Create a plan so you waste less time and resources on your journey to becoming a high-earning affiliate. Following trusted sources for reliable info on how to succeed in affiliate marketing is key to finding your success — which is why the AdCenter Academy is so valuable.
  4. Find a trusted mentor who’s been around the block and is willing to share their best tips with you. All of our account managers are experts in fields like SEO, acquisition, conversion, positioning, messaging, and designing. If you follow their advice, they’ll help you succeed. They don’t hide their best secrets like some industry gurus do. Plus, you don’t have to pay a thing for it — this is free for all qualified affiliates.

AdCenter affiliates don’t have to “hustle” because they’re already so far ahead of the game.

Leave all the procrastination and confusion behind and start building the life you know you deserve.

Apply to be an AdCenter affiliate here.

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