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How to get traffic for CPA offers with this expert advice

This is possibly one of the most valuable blog posts we’ve ever written about promoting CPA offers.

Inside are the industry secrets that could help you stop struggling as an affiliate…

And finally start building the wealth you know you can.

Read what Ken B, AdCenter Senior Account Manager, has learned in the last 4 years working with some of our industry’s biggest affs.

Find out how to get traffic for CPA offers with this expert advice, and become a stronger, more resilient affiliate.

In his own words, here’s what Ken has to say…

This is what holds beginner affiliates back from earning more

I’ve seen a lot of affiliates give up way too soon.

When I’ve worked with affiliates in the past that were new to the game, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is there seems to be this collective idea that we work in a  “Get Rich Quick” industry. And that getting the Big Bucks, (or in the words of Ivan P. “Makin’ that Schmoney!”).. requires little to no effort.

Any of my biggest affiliates will tell an aspiring affiliate marketer that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and that you need to be prepared to pour everything you’ve got into making it as a top affiliate.

They’ll likely also tell you that you need to be prepared to fail. If you can’t deal with failure, then this game isn’t for you. Learning from your mistakes is key.

Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. If you choose to get into the game, and you want to be successful, be prepared to give 110%. Be a sponge, and absorb as much information as possible.

Especially from your assigned Account Manager.

They have worked with hundreds of Affiliates, Media Buyers and Publishers who operate in many different verticals. Us account managers have managed affiliates hailing from all around the globe who want to promote our CPA offers.

Aside from yourself, the person that’s most invested in your success with AdCenter, is your AdCenter Account Manager.   

The most common site errors affs make are…

Poor ad placements and slow load speeds. 

I can tell you some horror stories.

I’ve seen affiliates placing our ads at the bottom of their pages, completely invisible, unless your visitors are scrolling all the way to the bottom of those pages .(I promise you, they are not.)

Don’t expect top level conversion ratios.

I’ve also seen too many affiliates who give their content away too easily. By not monetizing a play button on a player, or by not monetizing an interactive video player designed to display ads, you are leaving a lot of ad-dollars on the table.

The excuse is usually because they are afraid that visitors will get frustrated and won’t return to their site. But, don’t be afraid to monetize your traffic, 

Another big issue is slow page load speeds. In 2020 people have very short attention spans. If your pages take more than 4 seconds to load, most visitors will close that tab.

The key is implementing proper sales funnels and making sure that your hosting provides enough bandwidth to handle your traffic. The biggest part of our business is getting quality traffic to those CPA offers and keeping it, but you also want to make sure you are monetizing as much of it as possible.

If you have quality organic traffic and it’s not converting, it’s probably because your click/sales funnels could use some work. Most sites are different from one another, and a great way to find out how you can optimize your specific ad placements, is to ask your Account Manager, us AdCenter AMs will always have a few specific pointers just for you.  

The area of weakness affiliates can improve on is…


Search engine optimization is KING in our industry. Anybody can learn how to upload a TV, Movies or Sports template site to their hosted domain in a matter of hours…

But, without traffic… what’s the point?!

I would say 80% of this business is all about SEO… and the rules are ever changing. Google and Bing are constantly making short and broad core updates to their search engine algorithms. Sometimes a small change can result in a HUGE drop in your organic traffic.

If you are constantly making an effort to learn as much as you can about SEO and how to increase that fresh traffic, you’ll have no problems getting it, converting it, and growing it.  

Knowing how to dominate top keyword positions for what people are typing into that Google search bar is what will keep you ranking in SERPs.

But don’t take my word for it. We have our very own in-house SEO specialist who is also a Senior Account Manager at Ad-Center. If you are lucky enough to have Negar R. as your Senior AM, then you are in a good position for SEO success, if not, that’s ok too! Because  you can sign on to her very own AdCenter SEO Training

Courses for a deep dive into the intricacies of a rock-solid SEO strategy.


Articles for quick, actionable tips you can use immediately.

The biggest mistake affiliates make with their traffic… and how to fix it

As an affiliate, there is nothing worse than seeing sudden drops in traffic. And having to scramble to get it back.

The key to this game is growth.

As long as you are growing, you can’t lose, and growth in our business requires a little elbow grease.

If you think that you have done all the work that is needed with regard to SEO for your site, think again.

Get comfortable with the fact that you could lose all of your traffic overnight and you don’t want to go weeks or months with the expenses of operating your site if there are no revenues coming in. If you are constantly focusing on creating new authentic on-site and off-site content with quality backlinks, then your revenues will grow consistently and naturally

The surprising reason why affiliates plateau when promoting CPA offers

The inability to adapt to change.

I have seen many affiliates plateau because they refuse to implement changes to the processes, sites, SEO and many other facets of this business. Seemingly because they are afraid of straying too far away from what made them successful in the first place, whether it was 6 months ago or 6 years ago.

Once your revenues from CPA offers starts to plateau, you should probably expect them to decrease shortly after.  

If you are not willing to change, then you can’t grow.

Being 100% financially sound as an affiliate doesn’t come from being stubborn and refusing to adapt to an industry that never stops changing. You need to be able step outside of the box and take on as many perspectives as you can if you want to continue growing in this biz.

The one thing all Ken’s top-earning affiliates have in common

If you get into affiliate marketing thinking that this is a 9 to 5 job, then you have a lot to learn.

What I appreciate most about my top affs is they bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the table. They are the CEO of their own corporation and they focus on consistency and exponential growth above all else.

A CEO once told me that if you are only interested in money, then you will never make any.

So, if you focus on what’s wrong with each and every conversion you make, you’ll just get frustrated. You really need to think big.

My top earning affiliates understand that this is a business, their business, and they are responsible for it. They need to own their mistakes as well as their successes, because that’s what powers their growth.

My top affs are most interested in things like branding, so that they can separate their brand from all of their competitors.

One of my top earning affiliates Gerardo G, is a pioneer in streaming media content in his home country of Argentina. He brings a lot of fire and passion to what he does. He focuses on the things that naturally equate to maximizing his revenues, like bringing quality traffic to his sites and improving his conversion ratios by optimizing his web properties to funnel as much traffic as possible to offers like ours.

Gerardo sees himself as the “Steve Jobs” type of guy, rather than a “Regular Joe” who is making a few extra bucks online.

And that’s a winning attitude.

Why so many affiliates get slowed down

Lack of focus.

I see a lot of affiliates who lose focus on their business. You are a CEO, an entrepreneur!

The sky’s the limit and there is no excuse for boredom.

There are so many niches and verticals in this industry and there is so much to learn when promoting CPA offers. You will never hit a wall trying to grow your business in affiliate marketing. Having that mentality is what separates the Whales from the Guppies in this business.

What you build on top of every achievement you accomplish is what will make you a legendary aff.

Bill Gates didn’t create his empire by spending most of his summers on the golf course and you are not going to maintain a business you are not focusing on.

So never stop innovating.

Want to get your own affiliate marketing mentor like Ken to help guide you to your success? Apply to be an AdCenter affiliate and see where you can go…

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