affiliate using google to assess their page quality rating

How Google’s Page Quality Rating Affects Affiliate Marketers

It was a pretty big shock when we learned this Google “secret”…

Contrary to what you may think, they don’t just use an algorithm to assess websites.

They use REAL PEOPLE to rate your website to see how high-quality it is.

That’s why the old keyword stuffing tactics and other shady practices don’t work any more.

Instead, the best thing an affiliate can do, especially when using AdCenter’s platform of high-integrity offers, is to…



If you’ve ever:

  • Had a high-ranking page suddenly drop in search results…
  • Feared a Google algorithm change will destroy all your SEO efforts…
  • Wanted to appear in rich snippets and content boxes at the top of results…
  • Been confused why backlinks can “make or break” your campaigns…
  • Wondered why you just can’t seem to get your page ranking…

Hop on over to our newest AdCenter Academy course: Page Quality Rating Crash Course. In as little as two hours, you’ll be able to start solving all of those problems.

And more.

All without second-guessing yourself or risking Google penalties.

And you might just start ranking higher than you ever have before for competitive keywords. 

You’ll learn little-known industry secrets most affs never, ever think of, like:

  • How brand-spanking new websites can get on the first page of SERPs.
  • How to avoid a drop in conversions — and what to do if you experience one.
  • How to advertise in English if you live in a non-English speaking country without getting penalized.
  • Exactly how “enticing” your ads can be before Google thinks you’re being deceptive and dings you.
  • The reason why “think like a user” is the only way you’ll get ahead. Most people don’t know the truth and once you learn it, it’s like a lightbulb going off that solves almost every other problem you’ve had ranking in SERPs.

The course is in BETA right now, full disclosure. Video content forthcoming once COVID restrictions are lifted here and we can film it.

There will be even more info added at that time as we see how you like the beta run.

For now, text-only.

So, head on over to the AdCenter Academy to take this course and maybe skyrocket your rankings in SERPs.

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