Case Study: How An AdCenter Affiliate Built His Dream Life Of Stability & Freedom

Rising AdCenter affiliate Samy B. went from struggling in e-commerce to earning $5,000 / mo. with AdCenter in only 2 weeks

“It’s pretty much built my whole life with my queen… It took me a few days to generate leads, but when I really started, it took me maybe two weeks before making $5,000 a month and I just kept going. $5,000, $10,000, sometimes I’ve reached $15,000.”
-Samy B. describing his early success with AdCenter

If you’re just getting started in the affiliate marketing game, you’ll probably be starting to realize that it’s not as easy as you thought. But when you have the right level of commitment and dedication, all you really need are some powerful offers and a helping hand to bring you the success that you deserve.

We sat down with our affiliate Samy B. to find out exactly how we achieved success with AdCenter — and how that success changed his life.

Chart detailing high paying affiliate program success for Samy, a beginner affiliate.

The Client

Samy B., rising AdCenter affiliate and entrepreneur.

“I always thought money would be freedom… I won’t be someone working for somebody.”

At only 17, Samy B. already knew he had the heart of an entrepreneur.

“I never had a job with a stable salary and stuff. I learned very young that I had to adjust myself with the timing and environment around. I came from a family of entrepreneurs because my mom owns a business. My dad owns a business, too. When I was young, I was literally watching my parents work and how they communicate with the phone, how they make relationships with people and stuff.”

Freedom, flexibility, and creating a family legacy motivated him. 

“I’d like to be my own boss and have my own freedom and whatever I want to do.”

So, he jumped right in.

The Challenge

Creating a stable, low-stress, high-earning online business that runs on autopilot. 

“I thought ecommerce was where the more stable stuff to do on the Internet was. But it wasn’t.”

Samy wasn’t looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. He wanted a dependable, profitable business. He didn’t expect what would actually happen when he started. 

“I had a business when I was 17 years old, I had a franchise and it was in real life. I hated it. I really hated it. And I felt… like okay, maybe I’m not so much an entrepreneur.” 

He was questioning something he thought he knew about himself. But, he refused to give up. Through his work in music, he began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

“I just realized that I was doing marketing, because I was doing music on the side, so I was doing a lot of things at the same time. And the music made me do videos and be creative on the computer. And I said, well, if I can get creative on the computer, maybe I can sell something to someone on the computer.”

He began building his online ecommerce business… and couldn’t have predicted what happened… 

“I had a little bit of trouble with the ecommerce stuff because it was a lot of work and I was still in school. I had a franchise on the side, so I was doing a lot of things. It was madness.

I thought ecommerce was where the more stable stuff to do on the Internet was. But it wasn’t. People were really freaking out for the time because I was doing pretty much drop shipping. So it was very, very hard to talk to every one of my clients, to tell them that the order is coming and stuff. I wasn’t financially good enough to get people working with me.”

Drop shipping and ecommerce were high maintenance. Because he was starting out, he didn’t have the resources to hire a team to help him. It was overwhelming and not the freedom he thought being a business owner would get him.

He was more trapped than ever.

What else could he try? What other options did he have? He knew he couldn’t give up on his dream of being an entrepreneur.  

“I needed something more virtual because the problem with ecommerce is you gotta deal with a lot of clients, a lot of orders and stuff like that. So, it was time consuming. I needed to sell something virtual.”

He realised that virtual products would totally eliminate all the headaches of ecommerce and drop shipping.

But, he didn’t know where to start with affiliate marketing. How could he build a stable business when he didn’t know the market?

“I feel sometimes the line is so tight between blackhat and whitehat, newbies don’t even know what they’re supposed to do because blackhat is working but it’s short-term. So, people who don’t have money, the only thing they want first is to make money.  So, they don’t focus on long-term or whatever so they all basically start with blackhat.”

He didn’t want anything short-term. He wanted to build a life for himself and his family that was stable, comfortable, and dignified. 

“I’ve seen a few networks that don’t even have a manager. So, how are you supposed to know if what you’re doing is right or not for the advertisers? This is where the whole project started with AdCenter.”

He’d found the exact place to build a business that would unlock his freedom.

The Solution

AdCenter: a stable, well-respected, flexible ad network with industry-leading payouts and support.

“With AdCenter, it was less work because I didn’t have to order, make every one one of my clients happy after every purchase and stuff. So, it was more like a business on autopilot.” 

After almost a decade in the business, AdCenter knows that whitehat is the only way to go if you want to build a respectable, sustainable business that brings in consistent profit without stress. 

There’s a perception that blackhat techniques are the only way to make big money in affiliate marketing. Misleading ads, overblown claims, making offers you know aren’t legit just to get those quick sales.

The truth is, yeah, those techniques can make big money. But, it’s stressful and you’re chained to your business because you always have to find a new way to keep earning. Blackhat networks disappear and don’t pay you what you’re owed. And, you can face real, legal consequences for doing shady stuff.

With whitehat, you don’t have to worry about all that. 

Because Samy’s internet marketing background was in ecommerce, he already had the fundamentals of whitehat marketing figured out. 

Would whitehat ecommerce marketing skills work in affiliate marketing?

“Being in ecommerce going to affiliate marketing is a whole world of difference.”

Could he really make good money quickly with his whitehat techniques? One of his friends had signed up with AdCenter and gave him the answer. 

“I talked with my friend, and he told me actually the leads from AdCenter were the highest he’d ever seen in CPA. And I was like… what do you mean? He told me, he was like $45 for a lead. And I was like wait, wait, wait, wait… so, I can make $45 for one person without selling a physical product? I was like nah, this is not possible… this is too unreal. So, my first impression was like nah, this is too beautiful to be true.”

But, it wasn’t too good to be true. That’s exactly what AdCenter offered him. There had to be some catch, though… right?

“And I thought, like, maybe in the payments they were like, late payments and stuff, but nah. They always paid me at the right time, even before the payment date.

He quickly found out that the reason why AdCenter offers this level of service is because they’ve invested in whitehat techniques that really work. Stability is king and long-term, whitehat strategies will always win over the short-term profits of blackhat advertising.

“The first reason why I went from ecommerce to AdCenter was because of the stability.” 

That’s all he needed to know. He signed up, got approved, and got to work. 

“It took a few days. Because like I said, I learned all the strategies to make it work from the ecommerce, and ecommerce was like, ten times harder. And ten times less stable. So, what I did was I tried AdCenter just to see if it was real, If the leads were really paying me that much, if the payment was gonna be on time. It took me maybe two days and I had two leads which was nearly $100 and I was like what?! I was like okay, with two leads I can make $100? Okay, okay, let me try again. And then I just tried a lot of stuff, I went crazy.”

He’d solved his cashflow challenges by applying his whitehat marketing skills to the AdCenter platform. What about the stress he’d experienced in previous businesses? Was he any closer to the freedom he wanted?

“Working with AdCenter… it was less work because I didn’t have to order, make every one one of my clients happy after every purchase and stuff. So, it was more like a business on autopilot.  And this is the aspect that really made me happy with it. And since then, I’ve never moved, I’ve never even tried another network, actually.”

Samy’s not one to sit back and relax, though, even after getting some success. He wanted to know more… would AdCenter disappear on him? Could he trust it and build his business on it?

“I went to Indonesia… it was a meetup for Internet marketing guys. And pretty much 50% of people here were working with the AdCenter network. So, I was like wow, this is really like, global stuff, business.”

He saw that many others were also getting the same results. Stability, support, freedom. AdCenter wasn’t going anywhere because the support of its affiliate network, and their devotion to the platform, were ensuring its success. And had been for the last nine years.

“Everybody is impressed with the quality of the content, advertisers, and the way you can adjust your product or your niche or your idea with the offer. Because pretty much the VOD offer is an unlimited offer. You don’t need anything, you just need to be creative and to find ways to attract people and to give them exactly what they need. And then everybody’s gonna be happy, it’s a win-win.”

AdCenter offers take care of everything that take up time and don’t make money. This meant Samy could focus on earning. He wasn’t limited and had the freedom to take his business in any direction he wanted. He finally had control and wasn’t spending time on things that stressed him out.

“And also the VOD, it helps a lot because you can get creative with it. It’s not like you have a specific offer and you have to promote for people this way… you can tweak it up to your own purposes, actually. This is what’s crazy about it, you can be flexible. This is what me and my friends like about it.”

This made Samy confident in his business. He felt like a real entrepreneur. He was making consistent money and building a real business and life for himself. AdCenter only accepts motivated people who show they’re in it for the long run. People like Samy.

AdCenter is not the same network as other networks. Because the other networks it’s so easy to get in. I know AdCenter is harder to get in, like to subscribe and make a business with you guys.”

This pickiness, this exclusiveness, created a serious place for Samy to invest his time. Same thing for his peers.

“I feel like AdCenter is way more classy than any other. Nah, for real, it’s way more classy, the way we see it as affiliates. If I wanna try something blackhat I will try it on any other network. People respect the network for that. The approach you guys are taking by doing this and creating a knowledge base, creating videos and content to help people, I think it’s gonna do very, very well.”

Working with committed affiliates means success for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert to be an AdCenter affiliate, but you have to be driven. They’ll show you the tactics, all you have to do is have the motivation to put those techniques work in your niche. 

And that’s exactly why Samy’s done so well.

“When I found out about AdCenter, it was just like, it’s perfect. Because the timing was right, the environment was right, the support was right, and even the marketing was right. It was like, okay, so let’s make it happen. Let’s make something from it.”

And he certainly did make something from it….

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