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CPA Marketing for Beginners


A lot of people kind of fall into affiliate marketing. Especially CPA network marketing.

Maybe you heard your friend bragging about all this extra money he’s been making… 

All without actually having to create any actual offers or products of his own.

Seems like all the money and barely any of the actual work!

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re gonna be a successful affiliate marketer, you’re gonna have to put in some real effort.

Especially if you want to get into CPA marketing. 

It’s the network type that’s geared toward affiliates who want to make a long term business for themselves.

The thing is, most affiliates don’t consider the affiliate network type when they get started. This has a big impact on how, and what, you’ll earn.

Affiliate marketing network types and what to use them for

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)

Effecitve for brand awareness. If you want to get your name out to the masses, go with CPM. It’s good for promoting brand engagement. The advertiser pays you for every thousand ad impressions.

CPC (Cost per click)

Effective for getting traffic to your landing page. The advertiser may pay you per ad click or per landing page click. It varies, so you have to make sure to check.

CPL (Cost per lead)

Effective for lead generation and new customer acquisition. Every new lead you generate that the advertiser can then remarket to gets you paid.

CPA (Cost per action)

Effective for getting sales. The advertiser pays you per transaction. Payouts are higher because the advertiser is paying on an actual sale, not for a projected sale.

AdCenter is a CPA network.

This gives our affiliates a significant advantage because…

You can get started right away.

Setup costs for CPA marketing campaigns aren’t complicated. All you need is a platform (website, blog, social media following, etc.) and an offer — which AdCenter provides. CPA is as close to plug-and-play as you can get, unlike other models that sometimes require complicated tracking and traffic issues. But, don’t be fooled. The top affiliates have put considerable effort into their platforms, and that’s why they earn so much, year after year.

You get paid more reliably.

Lots of networks try to short-change their affiliates. For example, a CPM model allows for networks to fudge the numbers and mislead you on what actually counts as an impression. 

Plus, what happens if you only manage to get 1700 impressions? You get paid for 1000 of those only. It’s like those other 700 never happened. A total waste of your time and resources.

CPC, although it’s the most popular type, is not the way to build a long-term affiliate marketing business, either. That’s why so many affs struggle and give up. It’s notorious for attracting low-quality traffic. This means lower payouts, always having to hustle for new traffic sources, and never finding stability. We get into more details here why CPC models actually cost affiliates money.

However, a CPA affiliate marketing network like AdCenter is extremely clear-cut on their sales numbers. There’s virtually no wiggle room for paying less than what you’ve earned. Sad to have to say it, but getting paid what you’re really worth can be difficult in the affiliate marketing world. 

Sticking with the CPA model gives you the best chance at catching this before you’re missing any of the money you’ve generated.                                                             

You have the potential to earn a lot more.

As an affiliate, you earn a percentage of each sale. Instead of earning a fraction of a penny for a click, you’re earning larger chunks of money per each sale because the advertiser can afford to pay it to you. 

Think of it this way… CPL networks can’t pay you very much because the advertiser is only compensating you on the potential of a sale. With CPA, the advertiser knows exactly how much money has been earned and can give you a bigger cut of the sale. This works because they want to incentivize you to keep sending them those high-quality sales.

In the case of AdCenter, this adds up really quickly once you’ve optimized your campaigns and have our offers working well with your audience.

What you’re really doing is making more money from less traffic.

And that means, eventually, you won’t have to work so hard.

CPA marketing does take some time and effort to break into. But, once you’ve dialed in your traffic source and optimized it with our offers… the real benefit of CPA marketing kicks in.

What you’ll find is that, because you earn more money per sale, you don’t have to “hustle” like those who are in CPC or CPL marketing.

This is because we have tested and optimzed our offers extensively. So, as soon as you optimize your site and traffic, too, it all works seamlessly. And you start getting reliable sales. 

The beautiful thing about it is that, on top of the reliability, you won’t experience market saturation like you do in other marketing models. 

A banner ad can only work so many times, right?

With CPA marketing, you have a full funnel of marketing tools at your disposal. This means you can get way more creative to attract better and better customers to your site. Our affs don’t plateau and stall their earnings because they don’t get bored.

And this is what will build you a loyal audience you can leverage over and over again as an affiliate.

So, here’s what you need to remember if you’re getting into CPA marketing…

  1. Targeting is extremely important. You get paid for each sale, so making sure that your traffic will buy is extremely important or you earn nothing. Targeting solves this problem for you.
  2. Choosing a CPA network allows you to earn more, to earn reliably, and to stop hustling like you have to with other network models.
  3. This is your surest way to creating a loyal audience that will become repeat buyers instead of one-time sales.

Some of our affiliates have been with us from the very beginning, ten years of great and stable income that they’ve built their lives on. 

Remember — streaming and sweepstakes verticals are our specialty. All a CPC-based network would do in this space is create one-time buyers, not loyal customers who use your site to get all their streaming needs met. 

CPM affs don’t make as much money because ad impressions aren’t worth as much since the advertiser is only paying based on sales potential — not cold, hard numbers. And you can lose hundreds of sales by crappy impression tracking and counting.

CPLs never see as high payouts, either, because networks sometimes have very strict rules on what qualifies as a lead. And this could make it a very long game before you see results. 

Earn more quickly, abundantly, and reliably when you go with a CPA network like AdCenter.

Setup and finding your groove might take you more work, yes.

But, once you get going, you’ll see why CPA marketing networks have some of the best performing affiliates in the industry.

And perhaps become one of them yourself!

Need a bit of help before you get started as an AdCenter affiliate? Join the AdCenter Academy to kickstart your career and avoid the newbie frustration.

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