adcenter cpa network affiliate's best affiliate marketing tools for 2020

The Best CPA Affiliate Marketing Tools of 2021

Updated: February 22, 2021

A CPA affiliate marketing guy who knows what he’s doing is great on his own.

But what can supercharge his effectiveness is using the best tools.

These can give him a competitive edge — insights, data, power of prediction.

Over the last decade, we’ve used, and even developed, some of the best tools any CPA marketer with even a bit of experience can use to seriously boost their sales. 

Use them yourself if you want to earn more with less frustration!


peerclick is a cpa affiliate marketing network tool used by adcenter

This is a state-of-the-art affiliate tracking platform. It provides you AI-powered optimization tools and profound data analytics. This helps you maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently. The cool thing is they offer a free plan so you don’t need to invest anything to get your hands on this cutting edge software. It’s a real gift to the CPA affiliate marketing industry.

Stacked Marketer

stacked marketer affiliate marketing newsletter used by adcenter cpa affiliate marketing network

This is a daily newsletter that gives all the relevant affiliate marketing news you could ask for. It even has tips aimed directly at those using a CPA network model. You’ll know about Google algorithm changes immediately, get insights on how to earn more with FB ads. Staying on top of the latest news is exactly how you get ahead of the curve to earn more.


The whole platform is designed to turn your web presence into a niche dominator. Each tool within (and there are many) targets a specific aspect of your web presence and shows you exactly how to optimize it. Perhaps one of the best features is the backlinks tool. It will help you target the highest-impact, lowest-effort backlinks you should get. Not only that, but it shows you exactly how well your competition is doing — and where their weaknesses lie. This way, you can swoop in and take over before they’ve even realised it.


adplexity site analytics tool used by adcenter cpa affiliate marketing network

Also great for monitoring your competitors. You’ll be able to see all the ads your competition is running, how well they’re converting, and opportunities where you can overtake them. While the tool itself won’t miraculously change your business, it’ll help you find opportunities to tighten up your strategy and make a bigger impact.

Google Search Console

google search console tool used by adcenter cpa affiliate marketing network

This is absolutely key to seeing the ways in which your site is performing well or needs improvement in organic search. What’s great about it is it’s coming straight from Google, so there’s no guesswork or wondering if the info is up to date. And it’s free! If you’re not using it, you are really doing yourself a disservice and not earning as much as you could be on your chosen CPA network.

Amazon Reviews

amazon reviews used for copywriting by adcenter cpa affiliate marketing network

For writing compelling copy that converts, you don’t need to spend hours dissecting your competitor’s ads or reading copywriting books. All you gotta do is find a book related to your CPA affiliate marketing niche and mine the reviews for copy ideas. Studies show that using the language your market uses is the best way to increase sales. So, if you’re in the sports streaming niche and you want to promote a football offer, look at reviews for football related books in Amazon. Use wording from those reviews in your ads and your copy will resonate sooo much more with your audience. For more explanation on this, you can read our blog post on the subject.


canva design tool used by adcenter cpa affiliate marketing network

If you want to build a reliably-converting site that make Google happy, you need some design help. Good design isn’t the be-all, end-all, but it can help you increase your EAT score with Google, and that’s what gets you launching up the search results. Canva is a free platform that helps you create custom graphics that look like they were made by a pro. This does a lot to increase your brand credibility to get the right, long-term customers to your offers.


unsplash stock photo library recommended by adcenter cpa affiliate marketing network

Get free stock images that aren’t cheesy looking. This adds a much more professional vibe to your site, which increases trust with your audience. Using images also unlocks a whole other world for you with SEO — image results. High-quality photos with good alt text can give your organic traffic a huge boost. So, skip the expensive stock image site fees and use Unsplash instead.

AdCenter Academy

adcenter academy cpa affiliate marketing learning tool logo

Possibly the most useful tool you can use. Obnoxiously plugging our own learning platform. The reason why it’s helped thousands of affiliates earn more is because the info is tailored not only to affiliate marketers, but to CPA affiliate marketing affs who are specifically promoting in our verticals. If you’re in VOD / streaming, sweeps, books, music, games… you won’t find specific training like this anywhere else. Basically, you’re getting a decade’s worth of knowledge in a few sittings.

AdCenter Android App | iOS App

adcenter cpa network logo 2020

The first of its kind, the AdCenter App is designed to help our affiliates earn more. Other networks use clunky desktop apps and don’t publish data in real time. The AdCenter app works on both Android and iOS, so you’re never far away from your campaigns. You’re also a few taps away from chatting with your account manager, so you can optimize your campaigns on the fly. The ultimate convenience, only on the AdCenter CPA network.

Our best affs combine all the tools above to get their CPA marketing businesses humming like well-oiled machines. 

After all, the better your tools, the more you can earn.

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