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Affiliate Marketing App Makes Earning Easier Than Ever

UPDATED JUNE 14, 2020.

A recent study shows that the average person touches their phone over 2,000 times per day.

And this a trend that the affiliate marketing world hasn’t caught up to, yet.

The problem with almost all affiliate marketing networks is that they only provide dinosaur desktop programs. As the world moves more and more into the mobile space, the affiliate networks that don’t provide an app are gonna be left behind.

And so are their affiliates, unfortunately.

Enter the AdCenter mobile app, available for both Android and iOS.

We are the first CPA network app on the market (that we know of — and trust us, we did our market research).

It’s specifically designed as a CPA affiliate marketing app, completely tailored to affiliate marketers who aspire to big earnings.

The app allows our affiliates to have immediate access to all their data, no matter where they are. 

This means they’re always a step ahead of the competition. And they don’t have to be chained to their computers to do it.

Here’s what this really means…

Accurate reports from anywhere so you’re always on top of your campaigns.

Imagine you’re away from your computer all day. You come home to see something went wrong with your campaigns. Maybe Facebook stopped running your ads, maybe there’s an issue with your site’s tracking, or your traffic suddenly drops.

With the AdCenter app, you’ll get a push notification right away that tells you something is up no matter where you are. This way, you can address it immediately before any potential earnings are lost.

affiliate marketing app shows how much you can earn with only a cell phone

Breakdowns by keyword or campaign so you can optimize easily.

Forget all the confusing reporting software you’ve been using to track your traffic, conversions, bounce rates… Where do you even look to find the info you need? How do you even set it all up and make sure it’s firing properly?

With the AdCenter app, you’re able to see exactly which offers are converting well with which traffic. This allows you to create campaigns that reach their full earning potential without the guesswork or stress. 

Not only that, but you even get detail info on what time of day your offers are converting more so you can optimize your ad spends for those spikes in traffic.

The simple interface gives you the exact info you need to run our CPA offers optimally with just a few taps. 

Remember, if you aren’t measuring your sales, you can’t grow them. 

affiliate marketing app shows how many sales per hour of the day so you can optimize what time to run your campaigns

Quick access to your account manager

No need to mess around with Skype. You’re never far from direct access to your account manager’s expert advice and guidance. You also get direct access to the AdCenter Academy and Knowledge Base. This means you will always have the insider info you need to solve your problems and earn more that you can on your own.

affiliate marketing app allows you to chat with industry experts so you can waste less time and start earning faster

First access to our newest offers

Your earnings potential skyrockets because you’ll get first access to our newest offers. Being first to launch them means you get to market before things become saturated and creating unique campaigns becomes more difficult.

Payment management so you get paid on time — every time

You can access and modify all your payment details directly from your app. No more wondering when and how much you’ll be paid… Or looking through your bank statements to find how how much you’ve earned. 

Easy referral link access so you can make money on autopilot.

Your referral link is easily available right in the app. You can quickly share it with your friends so you can get the 10% referral bonus. Couldn’t be easier to boost your income.

Over a decade of affiliate marketing knowledge only a few taps away

Our app is directly integrated with our Knowledge Base (for how-to info on using the AdCenter platform) and AdCenter Academy (exclusive training videos on how to build a profitable CPA affiliate marketing business). 

Available on both iOS and Android.

SIgn up with AdCenter, the industry-leading network lets you earnlike it’s 2020 instead of 2000.

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